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Relationships, life revolves around them. Be it between human and human, human and environment, human and technology or between anything for that matter. Its relationships which make the world go around. A perfect balance is critical in every relationship, where each party treats the other with respect is transparent and is committed to nurture the relationship to form an everlasting bond. It is perhaps the biggest quality one can have and it is not measurable. ASAS International Real Estate Company is built on this very essence of meaningful relationships between us and our customers, trade partners and employees and with everything we deal with.
ASAS International Real Estate Company has been a real estate investment and development pioneer since 1980s and incorporated as a company since 2003. Founded with a capital of KWD4 million, ASAS has developed into one of the largest real estate companies in Kuwait with assets now exceeding KWD10 million, to become one of the most active companies in Kuwait. Based in Kuwait, ASAS holds subsidiaries, entities and developments in UAE also. ASAS is committed to preserving its prominent reputation and outstanding regional presence by innovating strategic successful and effective partnerships that support the company’s solid foundation. Through a professional code of ethics that earns the trust of its shareholders and business partners, ASAS focuses on its policies and procedures upon conducting visibility studies and research for all its projects as well as executing and managing such projects.
Without neglecting its responsibility towards society, ASAS supports a broad range of social activities and initiatives that reflect its commitment to social responsibility in areas such as education, environment, health and social development and others.
This holistic approach in respect to business and social responsibility, together with its highly-competent team, and carefully studied strategic plans in addition to the support and trust of its shareholders and partners continues to contribute to ASAS’s consistent march of success.

Our Vision
ASAS firmly believes that the quality of a home must improve the quality of the homeowner’s life. That it’s not just about building homes, but about creating lifestyles. Armed with quiet self-confidence and an unswerving dedication to the customer’s needs, the team at ASAS works to create a living experience that compares with the best in the world. That means better locations, better space management, better facilities and faster delivery.
Build customer trust through honest deliverables. Provide stakeholders, investors and employees a fair return. Attain and sustain clear preference in property development sector in the Middle East as a socially responsible company.

Our Mission
To deliver customer expectations on time, every time.

Our Core Value
Uncompromising commitment to quality, service, safety and teamwork..

1. ABB (Asea Brown Bover, Sweden)
2. Airwork Advanced Group
3. Australian Business Office
4. Australian Business Office
5. Airwork Advanced Group
6. Arthur Anderson (U.S.)
7. AT&T (U.S.)
8. Arthur Anderson (U.S.)
9. AT&T (U.S.)
10. Boeing Aircraft
11. BDM (U.S.)
12. Blount International, Inc. (U.S.)
13. Babcock Construction (U.K.)
14. Bristol Babcock (U.K.)
15. British Aerospace (U.K.)
16. Babcock Construction (U.K.)
17. Cooperheat (U.K.)
18. Engineering Science
19. Fluor Daniel
20. Foster Wheeler (U.S.)
21. Fochi (Italy)
22. Halliburton (U.S.)
23. Hughes International Corp.
24. IBM (U.S.)
25. ITT Federal Services
26. Kay & Associates (U.S.)
27. KAC (Kuwait Airways Co.), Kuwait
28. KOC (Kuwait Oil Co.), Kuwait
29. KNPC (Kuwait Nat’l. Pet. Co.), Kuwait
30. Ministry of Defense (Kuwait)
31. M.F. Kent (U.K.)
32. Merz & McLellan (U.K.)
33. Morison International (U.K.)
34. McConnel Dowell Co. (New Zealand)
35. Mc Donell Douglas (U.S.)
36. Motorola (U.S.)
37. Norwegian Embassy (Norway)
38. New York Associates
39. Norconsult Telematics
40. Oracle Systems (U.K.)
41. Parsons Engineering Ltd. (U.K.)
42. Royal Ordinance (E.O.D./ U.K.)
43. SAS (Sweden)
44. Stone & Webster
45. Santa Fe (U.S.)
46. Stephenson Harwood (U.K.)
47. Schlumberger (Germany)
48. Siemens (Germany)
49. Swedish Telecom (Sweden)
50. Tekfen Construction (Turkey)
51. Union Carbide – Equate (U.S.)
52. United Kingdom Embassy (U.K.)
53. United States of America Embassy
54. U.S. Corps of Engineering
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ASAS Today...
Excellence through Experience is the companys slogan, adopted by ASAS to express its identity after nearly five decades of continuous success, providing momentum for well planned regional expansion. ASAS is now more experienced and much more confident than ever in its vigorous pursuit of exceptional investment opportunities. The company also holds a matured understanding of the needs of modern day society in its commitment to being socially responsible. Consequently, ASAS is now more eager to adopt successful projects that achieve higher returns for its shareholders, and will have a positive impact on society and environment as a whole.
The latest addition is the introduction of the new division – Property Management & Relocation Services.

Our Key Resources
Human endeavor and goodwill. Competency to build, deliver and extend customer support.

Our Offering
Not just a place to stay in but a ‘Home-Sweet Home’.

Contact Address
ASAS International Real Estate Company,
P.O Box: 1030,
Salmiya - 22011,
Phone:+965-25665485, 22453506, 22453508
Fax: +965-22423436